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The 3rd Power Today Conference 2012 was held on 21 & 22 March at Sheraton New Delhi Hotel (Saket), New Delhi.

Theme: Restructuring India’s Power Sector: New Open Access, Equipment Import Duty and Scaling the SEB Hurdle.

Conference Chair: Dr. Pramod Deo, Chairman, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

The objective of the 3rd Power Today Conference 2012 is to help the sector analyses the status, understand existing trends, project new ones, discuss issues, and probe new answers.

The 3rd Power Today Conference will be the first platform that will discuss what issues the 2012-13 Budget holds for the Power Industry.

Our Conference could well be the pre-Parliament debate and submission that the sector needs. In this thematic approach, we would limit ourselves to three major focus areas: The New Open Access, the philosophical change it brings to competitiveness, benefits to the user, etc.

The power equipment duty, which may be approved soon: whether a 5% or a 14% formula is better, whether this will impact tariffs, whether quality standards will change for the Chinese manufacturers as a result of this, whether quality monitoring is required, whether then India will have capacity to service industry, etc.

The SEB problem, which has led to a temporary bottleneck in Power Finance. How can SEBs manage their finances through better revenue collections and plugging AT&C losses? While the problem is old, the solutions may be only emerging: We would discuss the Shunglu Report and Shri B. K. Chaturvedi Report on how states need to privatize their distribution.

On the other hand, power equipment encounters issues of its own. With government uncertainty over imported equipment, the domestic manufacturers have felt a threat from their Chinese counterparts, but the current trend to go with Indian equipment has its own reasons too. The conference will also describe new processes and methods in developing Power sector, debate on relevant questions, and make recommendations. Some of them are:

  • Policy and regulation update
  • Understanding the Power of power markets, trading and exchanges
  • Reworking linkage agreements & rethinking PPA’s
  • Economics of UMPP
  • The “New Open Access” regulation—a new reform game changer
  • Peaking power stations and time-of-day tariffs
  • Integration of RE in generation
  • Commercial incentives and predictability of RE
  • Adequacy of inter and intra-state transmission infrastructure
  • International transmission connectivity
  • Financial health of discoms: Ways forward
  • Privatization of distribution: PPP or franchise?
  • Investments in T&D
  • Power equipment: The imported vs. domestic debate
  • Nuclear – Uranium/ thorium – How safe they are?
  • National and international benchmarks on success stories in T&D and viability