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The 2nd Annual India Airports Conference 2011 is scheduled to happen on 9th December at The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi.

The modernization and   expansion are themes of huge debate especially as private   participation's entry has raised many questions of viability. Did our   policymakers get it backwards: should modernization of our remaining   larger airports be awarded to or partnered with the private sector,   while expansion to non-metro airports should be seen as developmental   and therefore taken up purely with public funding?
      This rewarding conference will   address policy issues, recent government initiatives, financing,   technological advancement, etc. You will learn about the new   technologies that are available that India's authorities could take note   of in modernization of our airport infrastructure as well as in   building greenfield airports. The conference will also describe new   processes and methods in developing airport infrastructure, debate on relevant questions, and make recommendations. Some of them are:

  • Do we need regional "hub airports"?
  • Can multi-modal hubs like MIHAN guarantee viability of smaller airports?
  • Should User Development Fees be employed until airports can earn sufficiently from non-aero revenues?
  • How can the new non-metropolitan airports be made viable? What is the level of investor interest in them?
  • How does our airport infrastructure fare in regional comparison?
  • Are we adopting the best safety and warning systems at our airports?
  • Can airports outsource?
       One of the best benefits will   be your own input through interactions during the Q&A sessions,   where you can share experiences and ask questions that have been irking   you to panellists. Above all, you will get to exchange notes with   delegates and speakers at our excellent meal and coffee breaks.

   Our conferences are large   enough to maximize the networking opportunities, but petite enough to   allow you to ask questions at sessions, meet people you wanted to, and   chat with them long enough.