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It started in India as a buzzword, but project management (PM) is finding its bearings in the context of Indian infrastructure. However, a systematic and dependable framework within which to execute infra-projects is barely in its nascent stages, and for the large part, implementation has not found desired levels of results in our country. How do we indigenise PM so as to be repeatedly and systematically applicable in India’s context?
It is our pleasure to inform you that ASAPP Conferences, a division of ASAPP Media Information Group, will organise the 4th Annual Infrastructure Today International Conference, 2011 on that emerging theme. This conference offers an unparalleled platform for governments, businesses and leading experts to meet, discuss and find solutions for the prioritization, procurement and presentation of existing and future infrastructure projects over a course of two days. The conference is deliberately structured in the form of relative brief speeches and longer panel discussions and interaction. This format will allow speakers to make presentations and then return to the table to discuss among session peers and later with the delegates. Each session will include a Session Chair who will make a detailed introduction to the topics in his/her session.

The flagship event of Asapp Conferences, the Infrastructure Today International Conference, is in its 4th Annual. This conference has been organized in the past years in Hyderabad & Mumbai and received an overwhelming response with the gathering consisting of senior government officials and senior decision makers from across industry sectors.

Last year’s 3rd Infrastructure Today International Conference 2010 was held in Mumbai. That conference focused on the urgent need for the infrastructure sectors to find finance worth a trillion dollars. The topic was keenly debated and attended.



Why you should attend:

The 4th Infrastructure Today International Conference, 2011  will address  some of the most common challenges faced by the Infrastructure Industry in India and the level of commitment of the leaders of the industry to embrace project management as they move ahead will bring together decision-makers, policy planners, senior government officials from central and state governments, business associates, prospective clients, technocrats, industry leaders and as well as eminent experts from overseas, who have wide experience in the field of Project management, Strategy & project planning, Project monitoring and Project Delivery.

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FIRST ASAPP Conferences www.infrastructuretoday.co.in www.projectsinfo.in