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About the Conference

The Annual 2009 Conference touched upon potentials, strengths and opportunities, while the second annual conference of 2010 touched upon resource enhancement on productivity towards power. This year 2011 it will highlight on developing technology and looking to policy perspectives and Initiatives to meet the growing challenge.

The conference is intended to be highly interactive, allowing plenty of opportunity for questions and answers and discussion between delegates and speakers. Each session will include a Session Chair who will make a detailed introduction to the topics in his/her session. Apart from the Session Chair’s detailed concluding remarks at the end of each session, the Conference Chair will, at the end of the conference, submit the outcomes of the conference.

This interactive platform  will address the need of the hour in finding new technologies and innovations and new avenues for a sustainable future of the coal Industry. ASAPP Conferences organises this  3nd Annual  Conference “India coal 2011” in Kolkata on the 26th -27th JULY 2011.

Harnessing new technologies and methods for a sustainable future
Demand for coal has surpassed the supply. According to estimates, demand in 2021-22 is projected at 1,353 million tonne (mt) against the production assessment at 1,084 mt, leaving a shortfall of 269 mt. As a result, India may double import of thermal coal to 104 mt by FY2012.

To discuss how policy, technology and extraction methods can help in augmenting the country’s coal reserves and acquire the mineral from abroad, the 3rd India Coal 2011 conference brings together a spectrum of themes and topics, with speakers both from India and abroad.

Focus of the conference

  • Key issues impacting Indian coal industry
  • Environmental issues in coal mining
  • Various recent technological developments for high production and productivity
  • Mine safety and disaster management
  • Coal production scenario in India: Historical and futuristic
  • The new R2RCI initiative
  • Private participation in coal sector
  • Future outlook of mine equipments vis-à-vis coal production
  • Project feasibility and challenges of vertical integration: From coal mines to power plants
  • Issues in acquisition and development of coal blocks overseas
  • Coal washing technology, policy and practices
Contact : Shrikant - Shrikant.sathiamoorthy@ASAPPmedia.com / (M) +91 90048 81110